What is the sign of a big promotion start by speculators? Do not be fooled every time

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We encounter the "trap the stock price rises" and "trap the stock price falls" movement when it is monitoring the "speculative stock."


Both is not a "big promotion start of the sign" by speculators.


So if you'll be lost when you jumped to this movement.


Therefore, in order to prevent the loss you need to understand how to make a profit in the "speculative stock."


So we would like to proceed one by one step-by-step on "what is a sign of big promotion start by speculators? Do not be fooled every time."




The first is the conclusion.


It is to understand the difference between "initial" and "trap the stock price rises" in order that you are not deceived.


"Initial" will raise the stock price with the volume.


And is the "initial" is what "sign of the start of big promotion" by speculators.


What is the initial?


It will cause speculators when "initial".


That's when the conditions that cause the "initial" is aligned perfectly.


The conditions are as follows.


  • The completion of the stock collected
  • Market environment that is suitable for speculators


"Initial" is rare.


"Initial" is the beginning of a larger project for the speculators.


Not possible for fail.


Therefore, it is important to be a bullish trading is when not "trap the stock price rises".


In the speculative stock it is important to distinguish between "trap the stock price rises" and "initial".


In order to make a profit is important to work with full force to these.


It is common sense,the speculators will hate that individual investors to trade in the "initial".


Therefore, speculators will cause the "initial" with a minimum of risk.


So individual investors can trade in the "initial" is very small.


Speculative stock is "to trade in the initial".


The difference of trap the stock price rises and initial


In the speculative stock difference between "trap the stock price rises" and "initial" is important.


If you do not understand you will make a mistake.


And premature transaction should lead to a loss.


You need to know the difference in order to not be the case.


Is a list of the features of the "initial".


  • A large amount of buy orders
  • Buy order of continuous
  • A small amount of sell orders
  • Dominant seller
  • A large amount of volume


The reality is you can determine for the first time out feature "initial".


But it is too late.


It is already stock prices when many of the features came out has been pretty up.


That profit is hard only know the features of the "initial".


To solve this problem you need to know the difference between "trap the stock price rises "initial".


The following is to be common.


It is that the stock price rises.


(Temporarily also includes that rise)


Stock prices is easy to understand to rise suddenly.


Notes is not a "buy" this time.


The reason is because it can not yet determine the "initial" or "trap the stock price rises".


We must understand the "difference" in order to determine.


"Initial" is accompanied by a large number of buy orders.


That can be determined by the volume of the difference.


"Volume was accompanied by" is "initial".


"Initial" is very important to determine the "volume".


This can be discerned with a high probability the "initial".


This article is "trap the stock price rises" is now a bad impression.


But it is an important decision material that can be convinced of the speculative stock.


"Trap the stock price rises" is a high probability that the rise in the near future.


We will continue to monitor as a speculative stock will lead to future profits.


Stock price stops down a close initial?


Speculative stock will lower the always share price.


The reason is because it is possible to speculators gather to buy cheap.


Speculators will gradually lowering the stock price with a minimum of loss.


And individual investors will loss cut.


This will further lower the stock price.


By repeating these will reduce considerably the stock price.


At this time, speculators will be completed to collect the stock.


Completion would be stock price "stops down".


Here's a question.


Is it the "initial" is close.


That's wrong.


"Initial" just before can not be found easily.


But to find a "stops down" in the "daily chart" is easy.


In other words, "it is close to initial?" Can be found.


But "initial" I do not know when to begin.


The speculators will create a chart on purpose.


This allows individual investors will be forced to buy.


After that individual investors will loss cut by stock price falls.


The important thing is that it does not deal with only "stops down


Confirmation of the "initial" is important.


It will lead to the loss to trade impatient.


Speculators is a professional group of market.


They will use the "stock manipulation" and "public psychology" skillfully.


Individual investors are manipulated by speculators.


In order not to be deceived is to wait patiently for "initial".


It is one of the ways that do not generate a loss in speculative stock to wait.


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